Honorary Faculty Speaker Steve Medema, the George Family Research Professor in the Department of Economics and Associate Director of the Center for the History of Political Economy, speaks to the graduating class of 2022.  Duke University Department of Economics Medema Graduation 2022 2 - YouTube read more about Duke University Department of Economics: Steve Medema Graduation Speech 2022 »

Paul Dudenhefer, HOPE Center staff member and the managing editor of History of Political Economy, conducted a writing workshop as part of the Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). The workshop, which took place in April 2022, covered writing in general and economics writing in particular. Thanks very much to INET for making the video of the workshop available.  Writing Effectively in Economics | Paul Dudenhefer - YouTube read more about Writing Effectively in Economics »

In our latest installment, watch a discussion with Bruce Caldwell, editor of Mont Pelerin 1947: Transcripts of the Founding Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society, published by the Hoover Institution Press and John B. Taylor the George P. Shultz Senior Fellow in Economics at the Hoover Institution.  The discussion is moderated by Bill Whalen, the Virginia Hobbs Carpenter Distinguished Policy Fellow in Journalism, and a Hoover Institution research fellow.… read more about Bruce Caldwell: an interview with John Taylor »

Margarita Fajardo, a 2017–18 HOPE Center Visiting Scholar and professor of history at Sarah Lawrence College, has a new book out on development in Latin America. The World That Latin America Created: The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America in the Development Era examines how economists and policymakers from across Latin America came to set the agenda for development in the region. Such cepalinos demanded more trade and, at the same time, more aid. In tracing the history of the commission… read more about Margarita Fajardo's New Book Reassesses Development in Latin America »

Mauro Boianovsky's article "The Brazilian Connection in Milton Friedman's 1967 Presidential Address and 1976 Nobel Lecture," published in the April 2020 issue of HOPE, has received honorable mention in the best article competition promoted every year by the Brazilian economic association (Anpec). That competition (the Haralambos Simeonidis Award) is open to Brazilian economists from all fields in economics.  In the article, Mauro argues that Friedman found in the Brazilian stabilization episode of 1964–66… read more about Mauro Boianovsky's 2020 HOPE Article Receives Honorable Mention for Prestigious Prize »

Camila Orozco Espinel, a 2019–20 HOPE Center fellow, has joined the economics faculty at the University of Reims as an assistant professor of economics. She will teach economic theory and the philosophy of science. Congratulations, Camila! read more about Camila Orozco Espinel Joins Faculty at the University of Reims »

Sarah Small, a 2020–21 HOPE Center fellow, has been appointed as a research associate at Root Policy Research, in Denver, Colorado. She is working on childcare demand and access, as well as equitable housing in the West. Root Policy Research is a community planning and housing research firm, providing custom, creative, and high-value analysis and strategy for its clients. Congratulations, Sarah! read more about Sarah Small Appointed Research Associate at Root Policy Research »

Daniel Nientiedt, a 2019–20 HOPE Center fellow, has published an article in the European Journal of Law and Economics that looks at Hayek and legal positivism. Titled "Hayek's Treatment of Legal Positivism," the article discusses Hayek's critique of legal positivism: that it destroys the rule of law and that it amounts to constructivism. Legal positivism sets forth conditions that determine whether a law is valid. The article builds on work that Daniel conducted during his fellowship at the Center. Congratulations… read more about Daniel Nientiedt's Latest Publication Looks at Hayek and Legal Positivism »

Beginning in August, Sofia Valeonti, a 2020–21 HOPE Center Fellow, will be an assistant professor of economics at the American University of Paris. Sofia will teach the principles of macroeconomics, the principles of microeconomics, and intermediate macroeconomics, as well as an elective course. Congratulations, Sofia! read more about Sofia Valeonti Named New Assistant Professor at the American University of Paris »

Beatrice Cherrier, a former fellow of the HOPE Center, recently discussed Milton Friedman for a new series on the famous economist produced by Radio France.  The series, titled Qui a peur de Milton Friedman? [Who is afraid of Milton Friedman?], is available on the radio channel France Culture.  read more about Beatrice Cherrier Discusses Milton Friedman on Radio France »

Bruce Caldwell, the director of the HOPE Center, recently spoke with the AEA's Tyler Smith about F. A. Hayek's Road to Serfdom. The interview can be heard on the AEA's website as an episode of the podcast Research Highlights. As Bruce explains in the interview, "The basic argument that [Hayek's] making is that when you concentrate power in the hands of few people in a socialist regime, . . . the government is everyone's boss in terms of producing goods, and they make allocation decisions about jobs that… read more about Bruce Caldwell Discusses "The Road to Serfdom" on the AEA's Research Highlights Podcast »

Mauro Boianovsky, a 2015–16 HOPE Center Fellow, delivered the keynote address at this year's Brazilian Economic Meetings. The address, titled "Economists, Scientific Communities, and Pandemics: An Exploratory Study of Brazil (1918-2020)," discussed the historical aspects of the formation of the scientific community of economists in Brazil, taking the current research effort about the economics of COVID-19 as a starting-point. The text of the address is available on SSRN. To be asked to deliver the keynote at the Brazilian… read more about Mauro Boianovsky Delivers Keynote Address at the Brazilian Economic Meetings »

Steve Medema, the associate director of the HOPE Center, has published a major survey of the Coase theorem in the December 2020 issue of the Journal of Economic Literature. Titled "The Coase Theorem at Sixty," the article examines the theorem’s origins, diffusion, and the wide variety of uses to which it has been put by economists and others over the sixty years since Coase published "The Problem of Social Cost." The theorem states that--but, ah, that is precisely the problem. For one, in Coase's original article… read more about Steve Medema's Survey of the Coase Theorem Published in the JEL »

Yann Giraud, a 2008–9 HOPE Center fellow and frequent contributor to HOPE, has accepted a full professorship with the modern languages and international studies department at Cergy Paris Université (formerly the University of Cergy Pontoise). Cergy Paris Université is a cultural, scientific, and vocational establishment whose faculties include major disciplines such as law, economics and management, and science and technology, along with modern languages and international studies. The program at Cergy Paris… read more about Yann Giraud Promoted to Full Professor »

Aditya Balasubramanian, a 2017–18 fellow of the Center, has published an article in Past & Present. Titled "Contesting 'Permit-and-Licence Raj': Economic Conservatism and the Idea of Democracy in 1950s India," the article reconstructs Indian economic conservatism’s transnational history through an interconnected study of three founding figures of the party and the network of urban associations and periodicals brewing alternative ideas beneath the layers of dominant opinion in which they were embedded.… read more about New Article by Aditya Balasubramanian Examines Economic Conservatism in India »

Roy Weintraub's latest book, a volume edited with Till Dueppe on the contemporary historiography of economics, has now been issued in paperback by the publisher, Routledge. The book brings together eleven essays that provide, for the first time, a methodological overview of the historiography of economics, emphasizing the scholarship of recent decades.    read more about Roy Weintraub's Latest Book Issued in Paperback »

Dorian Jullien, a 2017–18 fellow of the HOPE Center, has joined the faculty at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne as a Maître de Conférence. His recent research has focused on the role of language in economics, especially in connection with the notion of rationality. Congratulations, Dorian, on your new position! read more about Dorian Jullien Joins Faculty at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne »

HOPE Center faculty member Jennifer Jhun was recently interviewed by former HOPE Center fellows Scott Scheall, Gerardo Serra, and Sarvnaz Lofti on the podcast 'Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar." Topics discussed include modeling in economics and epidemiology, the usefulness of models for policy purposes, and the significance of ceteris paribus clauses and equilibrium theorizing in economics.  read more about Jennifer Jhun Interviewed on "Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar" Podcast »

Pierre-Christian Fink, a 2019–20 HOPE Center Fellow, will join this fall the Martin Buber Society of Fellows at Hebrew University's School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in Jerusalem. The fellowship is for four years. Pierre-Christian completed his PhD at Columbia University this past spring. His dissertation explores the emergence of money markets in the United States between the end of World War II and 1980. At Hebrew University, Pierre-Christian will be colleagues with another former fellow, Shiri Cohen… read more about Pierre-Christian Fink Wins Fellowship at Hebrew University »

Aditya Balasubramanian, a 2017-18 HOPE Center fellow, has won the Ellen McArthur Prize in Economic History for his PhD dissertation from the University of Cambridge. Aditya's dissertation, titled "Free Economy and Opposition Politics in India, c. 1940-70," argues that the birth of opposition politics in India was tied to a major critique of economic planning and emanated from the distinct political economies of areas in southern and western India. Congratulations, Aditya!   read more about Aditya Balasubramanian Wins Dissertation Award »

Rafael Galvão de Almeida, a 2018-19 HOPE Center fellow, has successfully defended his dissertation, "Dreaming of Unity: Essays on the History of New Political Economy." Rafael now holds a PhD from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. In a second HOPE Center connection, Rafael's adivsor was Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, a 2017-18 HOPE Center fellow. Congratulations, Rafael!   read more about Rafael Galvão de Almeida Successfully Defends Dissertation »

Giandomenica Becchio, a 2009-2010 HOPE Center Fellow, has published a new book on the history of femimist and gender economics. Published by CRC Press (a division of Taylor and Francis), A History of Feminist and Gender Economics situates its subject in a broad cultural context, beginning with the woman question in the nineteenth century and exploring today's connection bewteen feminism and economics. Congratulations, Giando! read more about Giandomenica Becchio's New Book Explores History of Feminist Economics »

Yue Xiao, a 2018-19 HOPE Center Fellow, has won the HES's 2019 Best Conference Paper by a Young Scholar award for her paper titled "John Stuart Mill and China: Peeking behind China's Stationary State." As Yue's paper explains, Mill early made an empirical analysis of the relationship between China’s high interest rate and the desire for capital accumulation. He went on to explore the negative connection between China’s “despotism of custom” and individual liberty. Congratulations, Yue! read more about Yue Xiao, a 2018-19 HOPE Center Fellow, Wins the HES's Best Conference Paper by a Young Scholar Award »

Janek Wasserman, a 2017-18 HOPE Center fellow, has a new book out on the Austrian economists. Titled The Marginal Revolutionaries: How Austrian Economists Fought the War of Ideas, Janek's book provides a critical history of the Austrian school from its nineteenth-century beginnings to the present day.  "How a small collective of haut bourgeois central European scholars and their sophisticated ideas have survived and contined to exert such symbolic power in today's imagination--eighty years after emigration and a… read more about New Book by Recent Fellow Takes a Fresh Look at the Austrians »

Bruce Caldwell, the director of the Center, recently sat down with the produces of the blog Cafe Hayek to explain spontaneous order and the role it plays in the creation of markets. Visit Cafe Hayek to see this entertaining and enlightening video. read more about Center Director Shares Expertise in Video on Spontaneous Order »

Nadia E. Nedzel, a 2018-19 fellow of the Center, has published with Nicholas Capaldi a new book titled The Anglo-American Conception of the Rule of Law. The 2019 book, which was published by Palgrave Macmillan as part of its series Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism, analyzes the distinguishing features of the rule of law and traces its history in the classical liberal tradition of English thought.  Nadia is a professor of law at Southern University Law Center. She is currently writing a book on the… read more about New Book by Recent Fellow Explores the Rule of Law »

This week we will start welcoming the 2019-20 class of fellows! Here they are, along with their research interests. Matheus Assaf, University of São Paulo: the spread of mathematical economics after the 1950s Melissa Fernandez, University of Groningen: a philosophical account of the use of models in macroeconomics Pierre-Christian Fink, Columbia University: measuring the quantity of money, 1950-1980 Stefan Kolev, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau: Max Weber’s Weber’s economic sociology Soroush Marouzi, University… read more about Welcome to the 2019-20 Class of Fellows! »

Mauro Boianovsky, a fellow of the HOPE Center in 2015-16, has been awarded the Best Article Prize by the European Society for the History of Economic Thought for his article titled "Beyond Capital Fundamentalism: Harrod, Domar, and the History of Development Economics." The article appears in the March 2018 issue of the Cambridge Journal of Economics and argues that the notion of "capital fundamentalism, which is usually ascribed to Harrod and Domar, fits neither economist. Congratulations, Mauro! read more about Mauro Boianovsky Wins ESHET's Best Article Prize »

An article appearing in the September 2018 isssue of History of Political Economy was awarded the Craufurd Goodwin Best Article Prize at the 2019 meeting of the History of Economics Society in New York City. The article, titled "The Making of a Constitutionalist: James Buchanan on Education," was written by Jean-Baptiste Fleury and Alain Marciano. By examining Buchanan's writings on education, Jean-Baptiste and Alain explore how Buchanan's ideas on constitutions evolved through time. Congratulations to Jean-… read more about HOPE Article Wins Craufurd Goodwin Award »

Romain Plassard has been appointed assistant professor at the University Paris-Dauphine. Romain was a fellow of the Center in 2015-16 and again in 2017-18 and most recently visited Duke in January of this year. The HOPE Center congratulations Romain on his new position!  read more about Romain Plassard Joins the Faculty at the University Paris-Dauphine »