Exam & Exam Questions

Here you will find downloads to exams and exam questions. You can also find exams and exam questions in some of the syllabi in the Survey Courses and Other Courses sections. The documents are in alphabetical order by the last name of the professor.


Jeff Bidddle: Exam Questions, Emergence of Modern Mainstream Economics

Eight essay exam questions for a course on the emergence of modern mainstream economics offered at Michigan State University. Questions are on, among other topics, the so-called core beliefs of economics, Shaw's critique of capitalism, and criticisms of the game theoretic research program.

Pete Boettke: Twelve Questions on the Austrian School

A twelve-question exam appears in the syllabus to this course, which was on the Austrian school. The course was given by Peter Boettke at George Mason University in 1994.

Bruce Caldwell: Exam Questions, Survey Course, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Essay exam questions for a survey course. Questions on Scholastics, mercantilists, physiocrats, Adam Smith, value theory, Marx, and Alfred Marshall, among others.

Bruce Caldwell: Study Questions on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations

Study questions on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations devised by Bruce Caldwell for his survey course on the history of economics taught in 2004 at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro.

Avi J. Cohen: Take-Home Final Exam, History of Economics I, York University

Two essay questions, both of which must be answered. One is to discuss the development of classical political economy as an example of Thomas Kuhn's "normal science." The other is to compare classical political economy with economics as presented in today's mainstream textbooks.

Download Cohen: Final Exam (pdf - 180.53 KB)

Avi J. Cohen: Take-Home Final Exam, History of Economics II, York University

Take-home final exam. Two essay questions, both of which must be answered. One involves the continuity or discontinuity between classical and neoclassical econoimcs. The other involves continuity or discontinuity in the development of economics.

Download Cohen: Final Exam (pdf - 168.24 KB)

Kirsten K. Madden: Essay Questions on Heilbroner, Smith, Marx, and Others

Extensive list of essay questions formulated in 2010 for a survey course offered at Millersville University. The questions are on Heilbroner's Worldly Philosophers, Smith's Wealth of Nations, ethical dilemmas in the present-day economy, Marx's Communist Manifesto, and Gandhi's economic thought.

Philip Mirowski, University of Notre Dame: Take-Home Final Exam

Take-home final exam for survey course offered in 2011 at the University of Notre Dame. Forty-one short-essay prompts. Undergraduates choose any eight of forty-one questions; graduate students choose ten.

A. M. C. Waterman: Final Exam, History of Economics Course, 2004

The final exam for a history of economic course offered at St. John's College (Manitoba) in 2004. A three-part exam with nine essay questions on figures and topics from the eighteenth century to the postwar period. Includes tips for organizing and revising one's lecture and reading notes.