Course Materials

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The Course Materials section of the website reflects the HOPE Center's mission to promote the teaching of the history of economics. It intends to help faculty and instructors develop or revise courses on the history of economics. The section contains annotated links to syllabi and, in some cases, supplementary materials such as handouts, exams, writing assignments, and the like.

The courses are divided into two categories: Survey Courses and Other Courses.

Survey Courses

Survey Courses provide an overview of the history of econoimcs and economic thinking as they evolved over a long period. They usually begin with Adam Smith or with the period just before Adam Smith (the mercantilists and the physiocrats), although some begin with the ancients, and end with John Maynard Keynes and/or the developments up to and around World War II.

Other Courses

Other Courses, in contrast, focus on special topics. For instance, they may explore a particular period in the history of economics (say, the eighteenth century or the postwar period) or a particular school of thought, or they may focus on a figure such as Keynes or a set of figures such as the members of the Bloomsbury group or the economists who worked in the Austrian tradition.

The syllabi are generally intended for undergraduate courses, although some include extra assignments or instructions for graduate students.

Course Supplements

The Course Supplements tab will take you to a list of annotated links to handouts, exams, writing assignments, and the like. The materials in this section overlap with the supplementary materials accessed in the Survey Courses and Other Courses sections.

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