Class Handouts

Below are downloads to a range of documents that can be considered supplementary to a history of economic course.


Bruce Caldwell: Adam Smith Chronology, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Important dates in the life and career of Adam Smith.

Bruce Caldwell: Marshall and the Cambridge School, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

An outline of important events in the life and career of Alfred Marshall and his associates.

Bruce Caldwell: Background on Physiocracy, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Background information on eighteenth-century France and the physiocrats.

Bruce Caldwell: Keynes Chronology and Bibliography, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Chronology and annotated bibliography of works by and about John Maynard Keynes.

Bruce Caldwell: Marx's Laws of Motion of the Capitalist System, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Step-by-step outline of the evolution of the capitalist system according to Marx.

Bruce Caldwell: Scholastics, Mercantilists, and the Scientific Revolution, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Important events and figures, in an annotated outline.

Bruce Caldwell: Excerpts, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Excerpts from Smith's first great work.

Bruce Caldwell: Marxism, Timeline and Bibliography, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Chronology and short bibliography.

Bruce Caldwell: Chronology, Europe from Smith to the Marginalists, UNC-Greensboro, 2004

Chronological list of important events, with some commentary.

Bruce Caldwell: Hayek and the Austrian Tradition, Duke University, 2011

Chronology of events related to the Austrian school of economics, from 1871 to the mid-1970s.

Kyu Sang Lee: Reading List, History and Philosophy of Game Theory

List of readings for a spring 2011 course on the history and philosophy of game theory at Ajou University.

Download Lee: Reading List (pdf - 120.36 KB)

Writing Guide to HET Papers, by Maria Pia Paganelli

Twenty-five page guide to writing a master's thesis or term paper in the history of economics. Discusses identifying topics, constructing arguments, and writing style, as well as citing and using sources.

A. M. C. Waterman: Survey of History of Economics Course

A handout that surveys a history of economics course. Not a syllabus itself, but extensive background to a history course. Makes distinctions between and discusses history of economic thought, intellectual history, and history of economic analysis. Identifies the subject matter of history of economic thought.

Download Waterman: Handout (pdf - 152.66 KB)