HOPE Conference Volumes

HOPE conferences are sponsored by the journal History of Political Economy (published by Duke University Press) and the Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke University. The conferences are small, invitation-only events on topics chosen to advance the cutting edge of research in the history of economics. All topics are open for consideration, and topics may engage any historical period or community of economists. Most HOPE conferences are organized by scholars outside Duke in collaborations with historians of economics at Duke. Conferences are generally held at Duke or in Durham, and in the spring.

Following is a list of all conference volumes to date. Each volume is available for purchase from Duke University Press. If you would like to propose a topic for a HOPE conference, simply email a member of the HOPE group at Duke (Bruce CaldwellKevin HooverJennifer JhunSteve Medema, or Roy Weintraub). A possible conference should be described in one or two paragraphs. If the HOPE group finds the proposal sufficiently interesting, a fuller prospectus will be invited. 

HOPE Conference Volumes

2023: Economics as News. Edited by Tiago Mata. Supplement to volume 55 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2022: New Historical Perspectives on Women and Economics. Edited by Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche, Evelyn L. Forget, and John D. Singleton. Supplement to volume 54 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2021: Exploring the History of Statistical Inference in Economics. Edited by Jeff Biddle and Marcel Boumans. Supplement to volume 53 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2020: Economics and Engineering: Institutions, Practices, and Cultures. Edited by Pedro Garcia Duarte and Yann Giraud. Supplement to volume 52 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2019: Economic Knowledge in Socialism, 1945–89. Edited by Till Düppe and Ivan Boldyrev. Supplement to volume 51 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2018: The Political Economy of Development Economics: A Historical Perspective. Edited by Michele Alacevich and Mauro Boianovsky. Supplement to volume 50 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2017: The Age of the Applied Economist: The Transformation of Economics since the 1970s. Edited by Roger E. Backhouse and Beatrice Cherrier. Supplement to volume 49 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2016: Economizing Mind, 1870–2015: When Economics and Psychology Met . . . or Didn't. Edited by Marina Bianchi and Neil De Marchi. Supplement to volume 48 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2015: Market Failure in Context. Edited by Alain Marciano and Steven G. Medema. Supplement to volume 47 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2014: MIT and the Transformation of American Economics. Edited by E. Roy Weintraub. Supplement to volume 46 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2013: The Economist as Public Intellectual. Edited by Tiago Mata and Steven G. Medema. Supplement to volume 45 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2012: Observing the Economy: Historical Perspectives. Edited by Harro Maas and Mary S. Morgan. Supplement to volume 44 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2011: Histories on Econometrics. Edited by Marcel Boumans, Ariane Dupont-Kieffer, and Duo Qin. Supplement to volume 43 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2010: The Unsocial Social Science? Economics and Neighboring Disciplines since 1945. Edited by Roger E. Backhouse and Philippe Fontaine. Supplement to volume 42 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2009: Robert Solow and the Development of Growth Economics. Edited by Mauro Boianovsky and Kevin D. Hoover. Supplement to volume 41 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2008: Keeping Faith, Losing Faith: Religious Belief and Political Economy. Edited by Bradley Bateman and H. Spencer Banzhaf. Supplement to volume 40 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2007: Economists' Lives: Biography and Autobiography in the History of Economics. Edited by E. Roy Weintraub and Evelyn F. Forget. Supplement to volume 39 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2006: Agreement on Demand: Consumer Theory in the Twentieth Century. Edited by Philip Mirowski and D. Wade Hands. Supplement to volume 38 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2005: The Role of Government in the History of Economic Thought. Edited by Steven G. Medema and Peter Boettke. Supplement to volume 37 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2004: The IS-LM Model: Its Rise, Fall, and Strange Persistence. Edited by Michel De Vroey and Kevin D. Hoover. Supplement to volume 36 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2003: Oeconomies in the Age of Newton. Edited by Margaret Schabas and Neil De Marchi. Supplement to volume 35 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2002: The Future of the History of Economics. Edited by E. Roy Weintraub. Supplement to volume 34 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2001: The Age of Economic Measurement. Edited by Judy L. Klein and Mary S. Morgan. Supplement to volume 33 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

2000: Toward a History of Applied Economics. Edited by Roger E. Backhouse and Jeff Biddle. Supplement to volume 32 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1999: Economic Engagements with Art. Edited by Neil De Marchi and Craufurd D. W. Goodwin. Supplement to volume 31 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1998: From Interwar Pluralism to Postwar Neoclassicism. Edited by Mary S. Morgan and Malcolm Rutherford. Supplement to volume 30 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1997: New Economics and Its History. Edited by John B. Davis. Supplement to volume 29 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1996: The Post-1945 Internationalization of Economics. Edited by A. W. Coats. Supplement to volume 28 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1995: New Perspectives on Keynes. Edited by Allin F. Cottrell and Michael S. Lawlor. Supplement to volume 27 of HOPE.  (Table of contents.)

1994: Higgling: Transactors and Their Markets. Edited by Neil De Marchi and Mary S. Morgan. Supplement to volume 26 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1993: Non-natural Social Science: Reflecting on the Enterprise of "More Heat Than Light." Edited by Neil de Marchi. Supplement to volume 25 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1992: Toward a History of Game Theory. Edited by E. Roy Weintraub. Supplement to volume 24 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1991: Economics and National Security: A History of Their Interaction. Edited by Craufurd D. Goodwin. Supplement to volume 23 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)

1990: Carl Menger and His Legacy in Economics. Edited by Bruce J. Caldwell. Supplement to volume 22 of HOPE. (Table of contents.)