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The mission of the Center for the History of Political Economy is to promote and support research in, and the teaching of, the history of economics. It supports an active Visiting Scholars program, a regular Workshop series, a Hope Lunch series for the discussion of work in progress, special events, a Summer Institute, and, with Duke University Press, the annual History of Political Economy conference.

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Summer Institute

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Studying the writing of the greatest minds in economics is always rewarding, but perhaps especially so in times of economic crises. At our annual Summer Institute, top faculty in the field together with graduate students selected from a diverse pool of national applicants will explore various aspects of the history of economics.

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Visiting Scholars

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Visiting Scholars may come to the Center for a semester, a full academic year, or a twelve-month period. Though the principal purpose of the program is to allow applicants to pursue their own research, Visiting Scholars are invited to join a vibrant intellectual community by participating in the many other programs the Center offers.

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Economists' Papers

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The Economists' Papers Archive is a world-class collection of academic papers from important economists of the past and present. The archive comprises the letters, manuscripts, drafts, and other work products of more than 60 distinguished economists, including the academic and personal papers of several Nobel prize winners.

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