The Summer Institute

Summer Institute on the History of Economics written above tree illustration

Why do we do economics the way we do? How did we get here? We have all heard the names of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek, but what did they really say, think, and do?

Studying the writing of the greatest minds in economics is always rewarding, but perhaps especially so in times of economic crises. At our Summer Institute, top faculty in the field together with graduate students selected from a diverse pool of national applicants will explore various aspects of the history of economics. 

Past topics have included a history of the concept of market failure, an examination of the Chicago School of economics from a variety of quite different perspectives, a history of macroeconomics, and an exploration of the contributions of two major figures in 20th century economics, Paul Samuelson and Friedrich Hayek.

The Institute is organized in a two week module aimed at PhD students in economics programs. There is a competitive application procedure and successful candidates will be provided with free on campus housing. 

Please take a look at past Summer Institute programs to get an idea of topics covered and faculty featured.