Michele Alacevich has been awarded the 2023 AISPE Best Book Award

Photo of Michele Alacevich

Michele Alacevich, professor at the University of Bologna, has won the 2023 AISPE Best Book Award for Albert O. Hirshman:  An Intellectual Biography, published in 2021 by Columbia University Press.   As stated on the publisher’s website, Michele “explores the development and trajectory of Hirschman’s characteristic approach to social-scientific questions. He traces the many strands of Hirschman’s thought and their place in his multifaceted body of work, considering their limitations as well as their strengths. Alacevich puts Hirschman’s ideas into context, following his participation in the major intellectual and political debates of his times. He examines Hirschman’s pioneering work in development studies and his analyses of social change, the history of capitalism, and the workings of democracy alongside his activities in the postwar reconstruction of Europe and economic development in Latin America.”

Congratulations, Michele!