Viviana Di Giovinazzo Receives INET Grant to Write Biography of Scitovsky

Viviana Di Giovinazzo has received a grant from INET (the Institute for New Economic Thinking) to write an intellectual biography of Tibor Scitovsky.

Scitovsky (1910–2002) was a Hungarian-born economist best known for his 1976 book The Joyless Economy: An Inquiry into Human Satisfaction and Consumer Dissatisfaction. The book took issue with the standard neoclassical account of rational choice and postwar consumer economy.

According to the official project summary, the biography will reconstruct Scitovsky's personal and intellecual odyssey, as he moved from Hungary to London, then Stanford, then Berkeley, exploring his professional and personal relationships and his engagement with other fields such as psychology, art, and aesthetics.

Viviana was a 2011–12 fellow of the HOPE Center and is a research fellow in the Department of Sociology at the State University of Milan-Bicocca

INET was created in 2009 to broaden and accelerate the development of new economic thinking to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. The institute funds projects that would not generally be funded through conventional academic funding channels.