Jack Russell Weinstein Publishes Book on Adam Smith

Jack Russell Weinstein, a professor of philosophy at the University of North Dakota who attended the 2010 Summer Institute, has published Adam Smith's Pluralism: Rationality, Education, and the Moral Sentiments (Yale University Press, 2013).

According to the publisher's website, Adam Smith's Pluralism suggests that the foundations of liberalism can be found in the writings of Smith. While offering an interpretive methodology for approaching Smith’s two major works, The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations, Professor Weinstein argues against the libertarian interpretation of Smith, emphasizing his philosophies of education and rationality.

The book has been favorably reviewed in the Los Angeles Times, the American Conservative, and Choice Reviews.

Jack says he is especially proud of the review in the American Conservative because it shows that he succeeded in being nonpartisan, which was one of his goals.

To order Adam Smith's Pluralism, please visit the publisher's website.

For more on Jack, including his radio show, please visit his website.