Danilo Ramalho da Silva, 2010-11 Fellow, awarded PhD

Danilo Ramalho da Silva, a 2010-11 HOPE Center Fellow, was awarded his PhD in December 2011 from the University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. His dissertation, "Three Approaches to Unemployment: Theoretical, Empirical, and History of Ideas," consisted of four chapters, including one that investigated the work of Robert Lucas, Edmund Phelps, and Milton Friedman on the natural rate of unemployment. Among other things, his thesis concluded that the works of Robert Lucas from the early 1970s stabilized the concept of the natural rate of unemployment in the postwar economic literature by introducing the rational expectations hypothesis into a general equilibrium framework. Danilo's dissertation advisor was Pedro Garcia Duarte, a frequent visitor to Duke and the Center and who graduated from Duke with a PhD in economics in 2007.