PhD awarded to Samuli Leppala, a 2010-11 Visitor

Samuli Leppälä, a HOPE Center Visitor during 2010-11, has completed his PhD studies at the Turku School of Economics. His dissertation, titled "Essays in the Economics of Knowledge," consists of five articles: "An Epistemological Perspective on Knowledge Transfers: From Tacitness to Capability and Reliability"; "Knowledge as a Public Good: The Optimal Level of Excludability"; "Hayek on Prices and Knowledge: Supplementing 'The Use of Knowledge in Society' with The Sensory Order"; "The Division of Labor Need Not Imply Regional Specialization," written with Pierre Desrochers, a 2009-10 Fellow of the Center; and "Opening Up the 'Jacobs Spillovers' Black Box: Local Diversity, Creativity, and the Processes Underlying New Combinations," also written with Pierre Desrochers. Three of the articles have already been published.

The Turku School of Economics is a unit of the University of Turku and is located in Turku, Finland.