2021 Summer Institute Showcased the Work of Twelve Scholars

The 2021 HOPE Center Summer Institute took place on June 3–5 via Zoom. Twelve scholars presented and received feedback on their work. They were as follows:

Elizavta Burina, University of Paris 1, “Positivism in the Economic Methodology of Vladimir Bazarov and Alexander Bogdanov”

Alexandre Chirat, University of Besançon, “The Intellectual Friendship between Berle and Galbraith: Managerial Economics, Corporate Revolution, and Qualitative Liberalism”

Alexander Dorofeev, New York University, “Maria Edgeworth and David Ricardo: The Potatoes Debate”

Valentina Erasmo, Università degli Studi G. d’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara, “Female Economists and Philosophers’ Role in Amartya Sen’s Thought: His Colleagues and His Scholars”

Tomáš Krištofóry, Erasmus University Rotterdam, “Carl Menger’s Studies in Vienna, Prague, and Krakow and their Significance for his Later Career”

Daniel Kuehn, Urban Institute, "Before NBER: Warren Nutter’s Soviet Research at the CIA”

Morten Luchtmann, University of Lorraine, “Reformers of Positive Economics Meet Defenders of Friedmanian Principles: Chicago Rational Choice Economists react to Behavioral Economics Critique”

Nicholas O’Neill, University of Chicago, “The Subsumption of Demand in Early Modern French Political Economy, or The Long Road to Say’s Law”

Johanna Rath, Johannes Kepler University Linz , “Competition in Transitional Processes: Polanyi and Schumpeter”

Agnes Simon, Los Gatos, California, “Cartoon Villain: Foreign-Born Economists in Postwar British Politics”

Theresa Steffestun, University of Lausanne, “Psyche and Power – the Problem and Principle of Association in the work of Friedrich Wieser”

Dmitri Zhikharevich, European University in St. Petersburg, “Towards a Genealogy of Technological Entrepreneurship, U.S. 1958–1970”

In addition to the paper presenters, the Summer Institute featured a full-time faculty consisting of the HOPE Center's own Jason Brent, Bruce Caldwell, Jennifer Jhun, and Steve Medema, along with Evelyn Forget of the University of Manitoba and Ross Emmett of Arizona State University. In addition, other faculty and instructors attended as their schedules allowed: from the HOPE Center, Paul Dudenhefer and E. Roy Weintraub, and from the LSE, Mary Morgan.

The HOPE Center thanks everyone involved for making the Summer Institute a big success.