Grave Sites of Famous Economists

For years, Malcolm Rutherford of the University of Victoria maintained and hosted on his university webpage links to grave sites of famous economists. With Malcolm's kind permission, the HOPE Center is now pleased to maintain and host his original content on our own site. 

Malcolm's original headnote read as follows: "This web page contains details of the grave sites of famous economists. Where possible original photographs are included; otherwise a link is provided to pictures available on or on another site. I have also provided links to Wikipedia pages concerning the economists listed and to the graveyards or churches where they can be found. Wikipedia entries are not entirely reliable, but I was struck by how may of the economists listed here have Wikipedia pages. Perhaps by including these links some of my colleagues in the history of economics might be motivated to improve the entries on Wikipedia. I am also always interested in new pictures and information on the whereabouts of other famous economists. Special thanks go to Ian Preston for pictures and information. See his Economic Walks pages."

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Henry Carter Adams (December 31, 1851–August 11, 1921)

Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA.

Adams' grave site on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Henry Carter Adams

Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Wikipedia page on Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor


Charles Babbage (December 28, 1791 - October 18, 1871)

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England.

Charles Babbage's grave site

Charles Babbage on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Charles Babbage

Wikipedia page on Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery

Babbage's difference engines and his brain in a jar are in the London Science Museum.


Frederic Bastiat (June 30, 1801 - December 24, 1850)

San Luigi dei Francesi, National Church in Rome of France, Rome, Italy.

Frederic Bastiat's tomb

Wikipedia page on Frederic Bastiat

Wikipedia page on San Luigi dei Francesi


Jeremy Bentham (February 15, 1748 - June 6, 1832)

Student Center, University College London.

The Bentham Project page on Bentham's "Auto Icon"

Wikipedia page on Jeremy Bentham


Joseph Bertrand (March 11, 1822 - April 5, 1900)

Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France.

Joseph Bertrand's grave site

Joseph Bertrand on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Joseph Bertrand

Wikipedia page on Montparnasse Cemetery


Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk (February 12, 1851 - August 27, 1914)

Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, Austria.

Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk's grave site

Wikipedia page on Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk

Wikipedia page on Zentralfriedhof

Zentralfriedhof on findagrave


John Elliott Cairnes (December 26, 1823 - July 8, 1875)

Paddington Old Cemetery, Kilburn, London.

John Elliott Cairnes's grave site (general view)

Wikipedia page on John Elliott Cairnes

Paddington Old Cemetery on findagrave


Richard Cantillon (1680s - May 1734)

Probably St Pancras Old Church.

Ian Preston writes: The remains of the body discovered in the house fire in Albemarle St in 1734, widely believed to be that of the Irish-French economist, Richard Cantillon, were brought to St Pancras Old Church for burial. The burial site is unmarked to the rear of the church. The church grounds themselves contain several interesting graves including, for example, the writer and social reformer, Mary Wollstonecraft.

St Pancras Old Church

Wikipedia page on Richard Cantillon

Wikipedia page on St Pancras Old Church


Henry C. Carey (December 15, 1793 - October 13, 1879)

St Mary's Episcopal Churchyard, Burlington, NJ.

Carey's grave site on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Henry C. Carey

Wikipedia page on St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Burlington, NJ


Thomas Carlyle (December 4, 1795 - February 5, 1881)

Ecclefechan Churchyard, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Upon Carlyle's death on 5 February 1881 in London interment in Westminster Abbey was offered but rejected due to his explicit wish to be buried beside his parents in Ecclefechan.

Thomas Carlyle's grave site

Wikipedia page on Thomas Carlyle

Wikipedia page on Ecclefechan


John Bates Clark (January 26, 1847 - March 21, 1937)

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, USA.

Clark's grave site on findagrave

Wikipedia page on John Bates Clark

Wikipedia page on Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis


Jean-Baptiste Colbert (August 29, 1619 - September 6, 1683)

St. Eustache Church, Paris, France.

Colbert's tomb

Wikipedia page on Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Wikipedia page on St Eustache Church.

St Eustache Church on findagrave


John R. Commons (October 13, 1862 - May 11, 1945)

Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Many biographies of Commons state that he died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but this is incorrect. Commons did retire from Madison to live in Fort Lauderdale (in a trailer park), but when his long missing son, Jack, was rediscovered he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to live with him. Commons died in Raleigh.

Commons' grave site on findagrave

Wikipedia page on John R. Commons

Wikipedia page on Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison

Forest Hill Cemetery on findagrave


Antoine Augustin Cournot (August 28, 1801 - March 31, 1877)

Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France.

Antoine Augustin Cournot's grave site

Wikipedia page on Antoine Augustin Cournot

Wikipedia page on Montparnasse Cemetery


Charles Davenant (1656 - 1714)

St Bride's, Fleet St, London.

St Bride's

Wikipedia page on Charles Davenant

Wikipedia page on St Bride's Church


Gerard Debreu (July 4, 1921 - December 31, 2004)

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.

Debreu is interred in the Columbarium at Père Lachaise

Wikipedia page on Gerard Debreu

Wikipedia page on Père Lachaise Cemetery

Virtual tour of Lachaise Cemetery

Thanks to Professor Larry Blume


Major C. H. Douglas (January 20, 1879 - September 29, 1952)

Kenmore Parish Church, Scotland.

Major C. H. Douglas's grave site (in foreground)

Major C. H. Douglas''s grave site (close-up)

Wikipedia page on C. H. Douglas

Kenmore Parish Church on Undiscovered Scotland

Thanks to Alexander Dow


Francis Ysrdio Edgeworth (February 8, 1845 - February 13, 1926)

Holywell Cemetery, Oxford.

Edgeworth's grave site

Wikipedia page on Francis Ysrdio Edgeworth

Wikipedia page on Holywell Cemetery


Richard T. Ely (April 13, 1854 - October 4, 1943)

Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Wikipedia page on Richard T. Ely

Wikipedia page on Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison

Forest Hill Cemetery on findagrave


Adam Ferguson (June 20, 1723 - February 22, 1816)

St. Andrews Cathedral, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

Adam Ferguson's grave site

Adam Ferguson's grave site, inscription

Adam Ferguson on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Adam Ferguson

Wikipedia page on St. Andrew's Cathedral


Irving Fisher (February 27, 1867 - April 29, 1947)

Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Irving Fisher's grave site

Irving Fisher on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Irving Fisher

Evergreen Cemetery on findagrave


Charles Fourier (April 7, 1772 - October 10, 1837)

Montmartre Cemetery, Paris, France.

Charles Fourier's grave site

Wikipedia page on Charles Fourier

Wikipedia page on Montmartre Cemetery


Henry George (September 2, 1839 - October 29, 1897)

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Henry George's grave site

Wikipedia page on Henry George

Wikipedia page on Green-Wood Cemetery


William Godwin (March 3, 1756 - April 7, 1836)

Saint Pancras Old Church, London, England. Remains later moved to St. Peter's Church, Bournmouth.

William Godwin's grave site

Wikipedia page on William Godwin

Wikipedia page on Saint Pancras Old Church

Wikipedia page on St. Peter's Church, Bournmouth


Richard M. Goodwin (1913–1996)

Pievasciata, a small village near  Siena, Italy.

Richard M. Goodwin's grave site

Richard M. Goodwin page on the HET website


Sir Thomas Gresham (c 1519 - November 21, 1579)

Gresham Memorial Chapel, St Helen's, Bishopsgate, City of London, England.

Thomas Gresham on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Thomas Gresham

Wikipedia page on St Helen's, Bishopsgate


Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1757 - July 12, 1804)

Trinity Churchyard, Broadway, Manhattan, New York.

Alexander Hamilton's grave site

Hamilton died of wounds received in a duel with Aaron Burr at Weehawken on July 11, 1804.

Wikipedia page on Alexander Hamilton

Wikipedia page on Trinity Churchyard


Alvin H. Hansen (August 23, 1887 - June 6, 1975)

Viborg Baptist Cemetery, Viborg, South Dakota, USA.

Hansen's grave site

Wikipedia page on Alvin Hansen

Wikipedia page on the township of Viborg, SD

Page for Viborg Baptist Cemetery


F.A. Hayek (May 8, 1899 - March 23, 1992)

Neustift am Walde cemetery, Vienna, Austria.

"On a rough-hewn gravestone, beneath a cross it reads: F.A. Hayek, 1899 -- 1992.
The stone comes from the area of the Tyrolean Alps which Hayek often visited."
(Alan Ebenstein, Friedrich Hayek: Philosopher of Libertarianism)

F. A. Hayek's grave

F. A. Hayek on findagrave

Wikipedia page on F. A. Hayek


David Hume (May 7, 1711 - August 25, 1776)

Old Calton Burial Ground, Waterloo Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland.

David Hume's grave site

Wooden plaque listing "celebrities" buried in Old Calton

Article on statue of David Hume in Edinburgh and the tradition of rubbing his toe

Wikipedia page on David Hume

Wikipedia page on Old Calton Burial Ground

The Old Calton Burial Ground on findagrave


William Stanley Jevons (September 1, 1835 - August 13, 1882)

Hampstead Cemetery, London, England.

Jevons drowned while swimming when on holiday at Bexhill, near Hastings, in the South of England. He was not in good health and may have suffered a heart attack or stroke.

Jevons' grave site (much overgrown with ivy)

Wikipedia page on William Stanley Jevons

Wkipedia page on Hampstead Cemetery

Hampstead Cemetery on findagrave


John Maynard Keynes (June 5, 1883 - April 21, 1946)

"He was cremated in Brighton on 24 April ... His ashes were scattered on the Downs above Tilton where he and Lydia used to walk. Lydia's ashes were scattered beside them 35 years later."
"Keynes's will stated that his ashes were to be deposited in the crypt at King's, but Geoffrey Keynes, 'not a very conscientious executor' according to his son Richard, forgot about that instruction and scattered them on the Downs. Thus when Richard Keynes, acting as Lydia's executor, had to deal with Lydia's ashes, he too could not follow the instructions in the will to put them beside Keynes's in King's and scattered them on the Downs."
(D.E. Moggridge, Maynard Keynes: An Economist's Biography)

Wikipedia page on John Maynard Keynes


Gregory King (December 15,1648 - August 29, 1712)

St. Benet, Paul's Warf, London.

Gregory King's grave site

St. Benet, front exterior

Wikipedia page on Gregory King

Wikipedia page on St Benet, Paul's Warf


Frank H. Knight (November 7, 1885 - April 15, 1972)

First Unitarian Church of Chicago, 5650 S Woodlawn Ave.,Chicago, USA.

Frank H. Knight's internment site

First Unitarian Church of Chicago, entrance

Wikipedia page on Frank H. Knight

Thanks to Professor Ross Emmett


Wassily Leontief (August 5, 1905 - February 5,1999)

Salisbury Cemetery, Salisbury, Connecticut, USA.

Wassily Leontief's grave

Leontief is buried next to Joseph Schumpeter.

Wikipedia page on Wassily Leontief

Salisbury Cemetery on findagrave


John Locke (August 29, 1632 - September 28, 1704)

High Laver Church, Essex, England.

John Locke's grave site

Memorial to John Locke in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

Wikipedia page on John Locke

Wikipedia page on High Laver Church

Wikipedia page on Christ Church Cathedral


T. R. Malthus (February 13, 1766 - December 29, 1834)

Bath Abbey, Bath, England.

"He was buried in Bath Abbey on 6 January 1835, in the north aisle, but the grave has since been covered by pews. His memorial tablet, believed to be Otter's work, is now in the north porch at the west end of the Abbey, and is a far better summing-up than epitaphs usually are, of 'a serene and happy life...supported by a calm and but firm conviction of the usefulness of his labours.' The inscription may contain a 'mistake' about his birth [born February 13th not 14th] but it is the truth about the man." (Patricia James, The Travel Diaries of T. R. Malthus).

Malthus' grave has now been uncovered.

Malthus's memorial plaque, Bath Abbey

Malthus's grave, Bath Abbey

Ceiling and stained-glass window, Bath Abbey

T. R. Malthus on findagrave

Wikipedia page on T. R. Malthus

Wikipedia page on Bath Abbey

Thanks to Nigel Malthus, see his blog


Jane Marcet (January 1, 1769 - June 28, 1858)

Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

Jane Marcet's grave site

Wikipedia page on Jane Marcet

Wikipedia page on Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery


Alfred Marshall (July 26, 1842 - July 13, 1924)

Ascension Burying Ground (formerly St. Giles Graveyard), Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, England.

Alfred Marshall's grave site

Alfred Marshall on findagrave

"The grave is in a far corner of its consecrated ground, marked by a simple granite surround, inscribed, equally simply, 'Alfred Marshall 1842-1924.' (Peter Groenewegen, A Soaring Eagle: Alfred Marshall 1842-1924, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1995, p. 743)

Wikipedia page on Alfred Marshall

Wikipedia page on Ascension Burying Ground


Karl Marx (May 5, 1818 - March 14, 1883)

Highgate Cemetery (East), Highgate, London, England.

Karl Marx's grave site

Wikipedia page on Karl Marx

Wikipedia page on Highgate Cemetery


John Ramsey McCulloch (March 1, 1789 - November 11, 1864)

Brompton Cemetery, London, England.

J. R. McCulloch's grave site

Wikipedia page on John Ramsey McCulloch

Wikipedia page on Brompton Cemetery


Carl Menger (February 28, 1840 - February 26, 1921)

Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, Austria.

Carl Menger's grave site

Wikipedia page on Carl Menger

Carl Menger plaque at the University of Vienna

Wikipedia page on Zentralfriedhof


John Stuart Mill (May 20, 1806 - May 7, 1873) and Harriet Taylor Mill (October 8, 1807 - November 3, 1858)

Cemetery of St. Véran, near Avignon, Provence, France.

John Stuart Mill's grave site (side view)

John Stuart Mill's grave site (front view)

Johnn Stuart Mill on findagrave

Harriet Taylor Mill on findagrave

Wikipedia page on John Stuart Mill

Wikipedia page on Harriet Taylor Mill


Ludwig von Mises (September 21, 1881 - October 10, 1973)

Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hartsdale, Westchester County, NY.

von Mises' grave site on findagrave

Wikipedia page on von Mises

Wkipedia page on Ferncliff Cemetery

Thanks to Professor Larry Blume


Gustave de Molinari (March 3, 1819 - January 12, 1912)

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.

Gustave de Molinari's grave site

Wikipedia page on Gustave de Molinari

Wikipedia page on Lachaise Cemetery

Virtual tour of Lachaise Cemetery


Thomas Mun (1571 - 1641)

Chancel of St Helen's, Bishopsgate, City of London, England.

St Helen's Bishopsgate

Wikipedia page on Thomas Mun

Wikipedia page on St Helen's, Bishopsgate


Dudley North (May 16, 1641 - December 31, 1691)

St Paul's Covent Garden London, and St. Andrew's, Little Glemham, Suffolk.

"He died suddenly . . . from respiratory failure at the home of his brother, Roger North, in the piazza of Covent Garden. He was buried in St Paul's, Covent Garden on 2 January 1692; in 1715 his remains were transferred by his eldest son to Little Glemham church in Suffolk to rest next to those of his widow. Both were commemorated there by a monument designed by William Holland in 1716" (Oxford Index)

St. Paul's and St Andrew's

Wikipedia page on Dudley North

Wikipedia page on St. Paul's Covent Garden

Web page on St. Andrew's, Little Glemham, Suffolk


Robert Owen (May 14, 1771 - November 17, 1858)

Church of St Mary, Newton, Wales.

Robert Owen gravesite

Robert Owen Memorial and Reformers Memorial, Kensal Green Cemetery

Wikipedia page on Robert Owen

Kensal Green Cemetery

Robert Owen and New Lanark

Wikipedia page on New Lanark


Vilfredo Pareto (July 15, 1848 - August 19, 1923)

Cemetery of Celigny, Canton Geneva, Switzerland.

Celigny has two cemeteries, the other 'old' cemetery is further down the lane and contains the graves of Richard Burton and Alistair MacLean

Pareto's grave site

Entrance to Cemetery of Celigny with inscription "ICI L'EGALITE"

Wikipedia page on Vilfredo Pareto

Wikipedia page on Celigny


Sir William Petty (May 26, 1623 - December 16, 1687)

Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, England.

Romsey Abbey contains an effigy of Sir William Petty, 17th century anatomist, cartographer and inventor, erected by his descendant, the Marquis of Landowne in 1858. It was believed he was the one man in the 17th century who might have had enough money to make good the damage done by the Roundheads - although born in 1623 and buried in 1687 in Romsey, Petty left nothing to the abbey in his will. A modest gravestone records his death, and it was not until 1858 that a life-size effigy was placed in the church. See this page for a picture of the effigy

Wikipedia page on William Petty

Wikipedia page on Romsey Abbey

John Aubrey's brief life of Petty


Arthur Cecil Pigou (November 18, 1877 - March 7, 1959)

Churchyard of St. Andrew and St. Mary, Grantchester, England.

Arthur Cecil Pigou's grave site

Wikipedia page on Arthur Cecil Pigou

Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary

Thanks to Professor Sue Howson


John Rae (June 1, 1796 - July 12, 1872)

Woodland Cemetery, Staten Island.

According to Warren James in John Rae--Political Economist (Toronto, 1965, vol 1, p. 123) Rae's grave is in an old section of Woodland Cemetery, overgrown with weeds and unmarked.

Wikipedia page on John Rae

Picture of Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery


Frank P. Ramsey (February 22, 1903 - January 19, 1930)

Ascension Burial Ground (formerly the Churchyard of St. Giles), Cambridge, England.

Frank P. Ramsey's grave site

Frank P. Ramsey's grave site (close-up)

Wikipedia page on Frank P. Ramsey

Wikipedia page on Ascension Burying Ground

Thanks to Professor Sue Howson


David Ricardo (April 18, 1772 - September 11, 1823)

St. Nicholas' Churchyard, Hardenhuish, Wiltshire, England.

David Ricardo's grave site

Wikipedia page on David Ricardo

St. Nicholas' Church


Lionel (Baron) Robbins (November 22, 1898 - May 15, 1984)

His ashes were scattered off The Cobb, Lyme Regis, England, where he had a cottage.

The Cobb, Lyme Regis

Wikipedia page on Lionel Robbins

Wikipedia page on Lyme Regis

Thanks to Professor Sue Howson


Claude Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de Saint-Simon (October 17, 1760 - May 19, 1825)

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.

Saint-Simon's grave site

Saint-Simon's grave site (close-up)

Wikipedia page on Saint-Simon

Wikipedia page on Lachaise Cemetery

Virtual tour of Lachaise Cemetery


Jean-Baptiste Say (January 5, 1767 - November 15, 1832)

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.

J. B. Say's grave site

J. B. Say's grave site (detail)

Wikipedia page on Jean-Baptiste Say

Wikipedia page on Lachaise Cemetery

Virtual tour of Lachaise Cemetery


Gustav von Schmoller (June 24, 1838 – June 27, 1917))

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Friedhof, Berlin, Germany.

Gustav Schmoller's grave site

Wikipedia page on Gustav Schmoller

German Wikipedia page on Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Friedhof


Joseph A. Schumpeter (February 8, 1883 - January 8, 1950)

Salisbury Cemetery, Salisbury, Connecticut, USA.

Wikipedia page on Joseph A. Schumpeter

Schumpeter's grave site on findagrave

Schumpeter's wife is buried next to him.

His first names are misspelled on the headstone.

Leontief is buried close by, as he desired to be.


Nassau William Senior (September 26, 1790 - June 4, 1864)

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England.

Senior's grave site

Wikipedia page on Nassau Senior

Wikipedia page on Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery


George Shackle (July 13, 1903 - March 3, 1992)

Churchyard of St. Peter and St. Paul, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England.

George Shackle's grave site

Wikipedia page on George Shackle

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Aldeburgh


Adam Smith (June 5, 1723 - July 17, 1790)

Canongate Churchyard, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Adam Smith's grave site

Adam Smith statue, High Street, Edinburgh

Adam Smith plaque High Street, Kirkcaldy

Wikipedia page on Adam Smith

Wikipedia page on Canongate Church

Canongate Church on findagrave


Herbert Spencer (April 27, 1820 - December 8, 1903)

Highgate Cemetery (East), Highgate, London, England.

Herbert Spencer's grave site

Wikipedia page on Herbert Spencer

Wikipedia Page on Highgate Cemetery


Piero Sraffa (August 5, 1908 - December 3, 1983)

Memorial at Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

Piero Sraffa Memorial on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Piero Sraffa


Dugald Stewart (November 22, 1753 - June 11, 1828)

Canongate Churchyard, Royal Mile Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dugald Stewart's grave site

Dugald Stewart's grave site (close-up)

There is also a large and splendid memorial to Stewart on Edinburgh's Calton Hill.

Wikipedia page on Dugald Stewart

Wikipedia page on Canongate Church

Canongate Churchyard on findagrave


Frank William Taussig (December 28, 1859 - November 11, 1940)

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Frank Taussig's grave site

Wikipedia page on Frank Taussig

Wikipedia page on Mount Auburn Cemetery


Henry Thornton (March 10, 1760 - January 16, 1815)

Clapham Old Church, Clapham, London, England.

Thornton's grave site

Wikipedia page on Henry Thornton

Clapham Old Church

Thornton was a member of the reformist Clapham Sect


Thomas Tooke (February 18, 1774 - February 26, 1858)

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England.

Tooke's grave site

Wikipedia page on Thomas Tooke

Wikipedia page on Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery


Robert Torrens (1780 - May 27, 1864)

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England.

Torrens' grave site

Wikipedia page on Robert Torrens

Wikipedia page on Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery


A. R. Jacques Turgot (May 10, 1727 - March 18, 1781)

Turgot is buried beneath the chapel floor of the Laennec Hospital (known even earlier as the Hospice des Incurables), 42 Rue de Sevres, Paris. The chapel courtyard contains a memorial bust, a picture of which can be found on the French Wikipedia page for the Laennec Chapel.

Wikipedia page on A. R. Jacques Turgot

Thanks to Professor Emmanuel S. de Dois.


Sebastian le Prestre, Seigneur de Vauban (May 15, 1633- March 30, 1707)

Les Invalides, Paris, France.

"His tomb is among the most beautiful there. I wonder if the remains of any other economist rest in such splendor." (Earl J. Hamilton, HOPE vol 1, 1969, pp 123-49, n. 52)
In fact only his heart is buried there, his remains were scattered after the French Revolution.

Vauban's Tomb

Wikipedia page on Seigneur de Vauban

Wikipedia page on Les Invalides


Thorstein Veblen (July 30, 1857 - August 3, 1929)

"Ardzrooni and Davenport, who was in Palo Alto at the time, were at a loss as to Veblen's wishes in the matter of burial. They decided to have him cremated and scatter the ashes over the Pacific Ocean. Later Ardzrooni found a piece of writing in Veblen's papers which indicated that the funeral arrangements accorded with Veblen's wishes. The note was unsigned, written in pencil probably within a week of his death:It is my wish, in case of death, to be cremated, if it can conveniently be done, as expeditiously and inexpensively as may be, without ritual or ceremony of any kind; that my ashes be thrown loose into the sea, or into some sizeable stream running to the sea; that no tombstone, slab, epitaph, effigy, tablet, inscription, or monument of any name or nature, be set up in my memory or name in any place or at any time; that no obituary, memorial, portrait, or biography of me, nor any letters written to or by me be printed or published, or in any way reproduced, copied or circulated."

(Joseph Dorfman, Thorstein Veblen and His America, p.504)

Wisconsin historical marker on Thorstein Veblen

Wikipedia page on Thorstein Veblen


John von Neumann (December 28, 1903 - February 8, 1957)

Princeton University Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

John von Neumann on findagrave

Wikipedia page on John von Neumann

Wikipedia page on Princeton Cemetery

Princeton Cemetery on findagrave


Johann Heinrich von Thünen (June 24, 1783 - September 22, 1850)

Prebberede-Belitz Church, Germany.

Johann Heinrich von Thünen's grave site (close-up)

Johann Heinrich von Thünen's grave site

On Thünen's gravestone is engraved: A = √ap [The natural wage, A, is the square root of (ap), where p is the worker's product and a is his subsistence requirements.]

Wikipedia page on Johann Heinrich von Thünen

Visit the Thuenen Museum Tellow


Leon Walras (December 16, 1834 - January 5, 1910)

Cemetery of Clarens (Montreux), Switzerland.

Leon Walras' grave site

Leon Walras's grave site (close-up)

Wikipedia page on Leon Walras

Cemetery of Clarens on findagrave


William Whewell (May 24, 1794 - March 6, 1866)

Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge, England.

William Whewell on findagrave

Wikipedia page on William Whewell

Wikipedia page on Trinity College, Cambridge


Friedrich von Wieser (July 10, 1851 - July 22, 1926)

Friedhof Dornbach, Vienna, Austria.

Wieser's grave site on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Friedrich von Wieser

German Wikipedia page on Friedhof Dornbach


Allyn Abbott Young (September 19, 1876 - March 7, 1929)

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Allyn Young's grave site

Allyn Young died in 1929 in London, only 18 months after taking up his appointment at the LSE, as a result of a influenza epidemic. He was cremated in London and his ashes buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery two years later in 1931.

Wikipedia page on Allyn Young

Wikipedia page on Mount Auburn Cemetery