Welcome to the 2019-20 Class of Fellows!

This week we will start welcoming the 2019-20 class of fellows! Here they are, along with their research interests.

Matheus Assaf, University of São Paulo: the spread of mathematical economics after the 1950s

Melissa Fernandez, University of Groningen: a philosophical account of the use of models in macroeconomics

Pierre-Christian Fink, Columbia University: measuring the quantity of money, 1950-1980

Stefan Kolev, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau: Max Weber’s Weber’s economic sociology

Soroush Marouzi, University of Toronto: pragmatic elements in Keynes’ account of rationality and decision theory

Arthur Brackmann Netto, University of São Paulo: the history of experiments outside the laboratory as a history of econometrics

Daniel Nientiedt, Walter Eucken Institute: Hayek’s treatment of legal positivism

Camila Orozco-Espinel, University of Lille: the Sarah Frances Hutchison Cowles Fellowship and research by couples in economics

Anthony Rebours, University of Paris 8: histories of urban economics and regional science

Nathalie Sigot, University of Paris 1: 19th-century French liberals’ treatment of “the woman question” and the concept of happiness in economics

We look forward to a great year at the Center, working with our new fellows!