CHOPE Fellow 2017-18 Jonathan F. Cogliano

Jonathan F. Cogliano is assistant professor of economics at Dickinson College with research interests include classical-Marxian political economy; the history of economic thought; microeconomics, with emphases on value theory and theories of exploitation; and computational simulation methods. Jon has published in Metroeconomica, contributed to the Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Heterodox Economics, and is co-author of a forthcoming book: Value, Competition and Exploitation: Marx's Legacy Revisited.

Jon attended the Center’s 2016 Summer Institute and returned as a 2017–18 Fellow during his sabbatical year. The things he enjoyed most at the Center this year include “the workshops and access to the Economists' Papers Archive. I think that the workshops create a great environment for the exchange of ideas and are very helpful for developing work. They're a really nice format for everyone to participate in the conversation, and for those developing papers to benefit from the expertise of the Center's faculty. The collections in the Economists' Papers Archive are also a fantastic resource to have on hand, and I can't imagine how different my work might have been without these archival resources.” After his fellowship at CHOPE, Jon looks forward to the publication of the two papers he wrote here and believes that the experience will enrich the classes he teaches at Dickinson.