CHOPE Fellow 2017-18 Dorian Jullien

Dorian Jullien is a research associate with the Research Group in Law, Economics, and Management (GREDEG) of the Université Côte d'Azur, located in Nice, France. He readily tics off a list of his favorite things at the Center for the History of Political Economy: “Entire afternoons in the Economists’ Papers Archives, lunch outdoors with other Fellows, the interesting discussions in the weekly seminars, attending Kevin Hoover’s course on pragmatism, and seeing the pride in the seniors' faces each time they pronounce the phrase ‘booze in the bunker’ to a newcomer.” Dorian’s research in the Archives has given him a view “behind the scenes,” revealing interests that the economists he studies expressed only informally.

While at the Center, Dorian plans to finish a historiographic research project on the use of interviews as sources and method in the history of economics, and to start two other projects that are partly based on archives available at the Duke’s Rubinstein Library. One is on the history of experimental economics and focuses on the impact of a series of experiments using the so-called dictator game on the notion of self-interest in economics from the 1990s onwards. The other is on the history of rational choice theory and focuses of the introduction of the so-called formalism of choice functions. Dorian’s work should find a wide audience and will contribute to current economic debates because: “The concept of rationality in standard economics is at the same time central, polysemic, and controversial, so that historical, methodological, and philosophical perspectives on it can clarify issues of interest to both advocates and critics of standard economics.”