The 9th Annual Summer Institute, “Contemporary Themes in the History of Economics," June 19-24, 2018

The 9th Annual Summer Institute, titled “Contemporary Themes in the History of Economics,” ran from June 19-24, 2018. Eighteen graduate students from a variety of countries (in addition to the US, students came from programs in Canada, England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and India) and fields (among them economics, history, international political economy, philosophy of science, history of science, sociology, and science and technology studies) came to Duke for the six day gathering. The format aimed at developing the research of the junior scholars. Each morning a senior scholar presented his or her work, and in the afternoons the graduate students presented their own papers before the group, which then workshopped the papers. The line-up of both senior and junior scholars was impressive indeed; biographical details for both are listed on the Center website.  The Summer Institute was directed by Center Director Bruce Caldwell and Till Düppe of the University of Quebec at Montreal.