Francesco Di Iorio's New Book Explores a Variant of Methodological Individualism

Francesco Di Iorio, a 2012-13 fellow of the HOPE Center, has published a new book that explores a variant of methodological individualism, which explains social realities in terms of the individuals who make up society.

The book, which is titled Cognitive Autonomy and Methodological Individualism: The Interpretative Foundations of Social Life, begins with Hayek’s reflections on the mind as it considers action from the standpoint of "non-atomistic" methodological individualism, which, according to the publisher's webpage, "explains society in terms of complex emergent structures that unintentionally result from human actions, and that in turn influence those actions."

Francesco revised large sections of the book during his HOPE Center fellowship.

The book is published by Springer and can be ordered from the publisher.

For more on Francesco, please see the profile written about him during his HOPE Center fellowship.