Andrej Svorencik Completes Dissertation on Experimental Economics

Andrej Svorencík has completed his dissertation on the history of experimental economics.

Titled "The Experimental Turn in Economics: The History of Experimental Economics," the study documents how the rise of experimentation in economics, which began in the late 1960s, transformed the discipline just as mathematical formalization, economic modeling, and econometrics did.

Experimentation, Andrej writes, "was above all about redefining the relationship between economic theory and data." Its goal was to "elevate" the status of data and put data "on the same footing" as theory.

The dissertation was completed at Utrecht University under the supervision of Mary S. Morgan and Harro Maas.

Andrej, a 2012-13 HOPE Center fellow, will present a paper on psychology and economics at the 2015 HOPE conference. He also contributed an article to the 2014 special issue of HOPE on the MIT economics department (abstract).

For more on Andrej, please see his profile that appeared on the Center's website during his fellowship year.