John Singleton Participates in Hoover Institution Workshop on Political Economy

John Singleton, a PhD candidate in economics at Duke University, was a participant in the inaugural Hoover Institution Workshop on Political Economy.

Held from June 23 to 27, the workshop was organized by Professor Jennifer Burns of the Stanford History Department. An interdisciplinary group of scholars drew on the archival collections at Hoover to examine various topics, including the history of economic thought and the development of libertarian and conservative political movements in the United States and internationally.

The workshop featured as its keynote speaker Angus Burgin, a historian at Johns Hopkins University whose 2012 book, The Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets since the Great Depression, was awarded the 2013 Joseph Spengler Prize for best book by the History of Economics Society. Angus's paper titled "The Age of Certainty: Galbraith, Friedman, and the Public Life of Economic Ideas" was published in the 2013 special issue of HOPE, The Economist as Public Intellectual.

John is researching Milton Friedman’s involvement in school vouchers and the ending of the military draft. He also contributed a paper on Charles Tiebout ("Sorting Charles Tiebout: The Construction and Stabilization of Postwar Public Good Theory") to the 2014 HOPE conference on market failure, and he published a paper on Martin Luther and usury in the winter 2011 issue of HOPE.

For more on the workshop, visit the Hoover Institution website.