Applying to the Graduate Program

History of Political Economy is a track within the regular M.A. program and a field within the regular Ph.D. program in the Economics Department.  Prospective students must meet the graduate school admissions requirements.  PhD students select their field and thesis topic after the first year of core economics courses.  Prospective students, either master's or PhD, interested in the history of economics are advised to contact a faculty member in the HOPE Group for answers to questions and to let us know when you apply.

Master's Program

Master's students can choose to pursue a track in the history of economics. These tracks provide a template for both the student and advisor and can be modified to meet an individual student’s needs. Master's students interested in pursuing a track in the history of economics should consult a faculty member in the HOPE Group as well as the information on the M.A. program on the website of Department of Economics for more information.

PhD Program: The History of Political Economy Field

To complete the PhD field in History of Political Economy, students can enroll in independent studies, take graduate modules, and, with the permission of the instructor, take undergraduate courses for graduate credit (additional work will be required for graduate credit). Also required is a paper with an oral examination on the topic of the paper and additional topics as agreed with the examiners. Students who are interested in completing the field in History of Political Economy should contact Bruce Caldwell.

PhD students in the History of Political Economy field are expected to participate fully in the informal lunchtime HOPE Workshop and Seminar Series to present their own work and to learn from and about the work of other scholars.