2012 HOPE Conference: The Economist as Public Intellectual

Friday, April 13, 2012 to Saturday, April 14, 2012

Organizers and Volume Editors
Tiago Mata, University of Cambridge
Steven G. Medema, University of Colorado Denver

Volume Details
The Economist as Public Intellectual. Annual supplement to volume 45, History of Political Economy. Durham, N.C., and London: Duke University Press.

Papers and Participants

Cultures of Expertise and the Public Interventions of Economists, pp. 1–19
Tiago Mata, University of Cambridge
Steven G. Medema, University of Colorado Denver

"Perhaps I'm a Don Quixote but I'm Trying to Be a Paul Revere": Irving Fisher as a Public Intellectual, pp. 20-37
Robert W. Dimand, Brock University

Observers, Commentators, and Persuaders: British Interwar Economists as Public Intellectuals, pp. 38-67
Chris Godden, University of Manchester

Inside Out: Keynes's Use of the Public Sphere, pp. 68-91
Roger E. Backhouse, University of Birmingham
Bradley W. Bateman, Randolph College

Walter Lippmann: The Making of a Public Economist, pp. 92-113
Craufurd Goodwin, Duke University

Lionel Robbins: Political Economist, pp. 114-136
Susan Howson

Henry Hazlitt as an Intellectual Middleman of "Orthodox Economics," pp. 137-165
Peter Boettke, George Mason University
Liya Palagashvili, George Mason University

Federal Reserve Bank Presidents as Public Intellectuals, pp. 166-190
Rob Roy McGregor, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Warren Young, Bar Ilan University

Age of Certainty: Galbraith, Friedman, and the Public Life of Economic Ideas, pp. 191-219
Angus Burgin, Johns Hopkins University

Economic Indicators as Public Interventions, pp. 220-253
Gil Eyal, Columbia University
Moran Levy, Columbia University

Becker and Posner: Freedom of Speech and Public Intellectualship, pp. 254-278
Jean-Baptiste Fleury, University of Cergy-Pontoise
Alain Marciano, University of Montpellier 1

Private Intellectuals and Public Perplexity: The Economics Profession and the Economic Crisis, pp. 279-311
Philip Mirowski, University of Notre Dame
Edward Nik-Khah, Roanoke College