Writing and Other Assignments

Below are links to writing assignments and the like. The links are to stand-alone documents only. Other writing assignments may be found in the syllabi in the Survey Courses and Other Courses sections of the website. The documents are in alphabetical order by the last name of the professor.

Jeff Biddle: Paper Topics, The Emergence of Modern Mainstream Economics

Four paper topics are offered: the debate over the role of quantitative economics; Marshall's value theory; the socialist calculation debate; and the methodology of modern economics.

Harro Maas: Observation in the Lab, Fall 2011

Writing assignment in which students are asked to construct a conversation among experimental economists.

Kirsten Madden: Ethics and Economics Team Paper

Assignment for a team paper on ethics and economics. Includes required elements and evaluation criteria.

Wendy Rayack, Wesleyan University: Essay Assignments

Essay assignments in which students are asked to comment on particular statements. Extensive historical and intellectual background information is given for each assignment. Essay assignments on Smith, the mercantilists, Malthus, and value, among others.