Duke NEH Summer Institute 2013
The History of Political Economy
June 2 – 21, 2013
Below you will find the schedule for the Duke Summer Institute. There are 2 sessions a day, Monday through Thursday, and one morning session on Friday. The morning session each day will run from 9:00-11:00am, and the afternoon sessions from 4:00-6:00pm.

The readings for each session may be found at the "Program and Readings" link directly below.

Sunday, June 2 

2 – 6 p.m. Participants arrive and register at Central Campus Apartments

6:30   Welcome Barbecue, Center for the History of Political Economy, Social Science Suite 07

Monday June 3: Introductions

9:00-11:00am Session 1Introductions of Program and Participants – Caldwell

4:00-6:00pm Session 2 Introduction to the History of Economics and its Narratives – Weintraub

 Tuesday June 4: Mercantilism: Two Views

9:00-11:00am Sessions 3 – Caldwell and Wennerlind

4:00-6:00pm Sessions 4 – Caldwell and Wennerlind

 Wednesday June 5: David Hume and Adam Smith, Political Economists
9:00-11:00am Session 5 – David Hume, Political Economist – Wennerlind 

4:00-6:00pm Session 6 – Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations I – Caldwell

7pm Music in the Duke Gardens

 Thursday June 6: Adam Smith and David Hume, Moral and Social Philosophers
9:00-11:00am Session 7 – Smith and The Theory of Moral Sentiments – Hanley

4:00-6:00pm Session 8  – David Hume, Philosopher and Social Theorist – Hanley

 Friday June 7: Adam Smith, Political Economist II

9:00-11:00am Session  9 – Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations II – Caldwell


Monday June 10: Marx, Engels, and Socialism

9:00-11:00am Session 10 – Introduction and Background on Hegel and Utopian Socialism – Caldwell

4:00-6:00pm Session 11Marx on Value, Exploitation, and Transforming Values into Prices – Erten

Tuesday June 11: More on Marx

9:00-11:00am Session 12 – The Laws of Motion of the Capitalist System – Caldwell

4:00-6:00pm Session 13 – Extensions and Applications: Primitive Accumulation and Crisis Theory – Erten

 Wednesday June 12: The Marginal Revolution and Its Detractors

9:00-11:00am Session 14 – Background to the Marginal Revolution – Caldwell 

4:00-6:00pm Session 15 – The Austrian School and its Opponents – Caldwell 

 Thursday June 13: The Progressive Era and the American Institutionalists

9:00-11:00am Session 16 – The Progressive Movement and Economic Reform – Leonard  

4:00-6:00pm Session 17 -  American Institutionalism in the Interwar Period: An Overview – Rutherford

7pm Durham Bulls Baseball Game

Friday June 14: More on Institutionalism

9:00-11:00am Session 18 – American Institutionalism: Walton Hamilton and Creative Problem-Solving – Rutherford


Monday June 17: The Emergence of the Analysis of Market Failure 

9:00-11:00am Session 19 – Medema

4:00-6:00pm Session 20 – Medema

Tuesday June 18:  Keynes and Hayek: A First Look

9:00-11:00am Session 21 – Maynard the Man – Goodwin

4:00-6:00pm Session 22 – Hayek in the Interwar Years: Keynes, Socialism, and the Knowledge Problem – Caldwell

Wednesday June 19: Keynes and Coase

9:00-11:00am Session 23 – Keynes the Economist  – Goodwin  

4:00-6:00pm Session 24 – Market Failure Revisted: The Coase TheoremMedema 

Thursday June 20: Keynes and Hayek 

9:00-11:00am Session 25 – Lord Keynes’ Policy Work – Goodwin  

4:00-6:00pm Session 26 – The Abuse of Reason Project and The Road to Serfdom  – Caldwell

7pm Closing Dinner at Tyler's Taproom

Friday June 21: Hayek’s Later Contributions 
9:00-11:00am Session 27 – The Economy as a Complex Order – Caldwell

The final hour of Session 27 will be a Summer Institute Wrap-Up – no readings.