Stefan Kolev, 2010-11 Visitor, awarded PhD

Stefan Kolev, a 2010-11 HOPE Center Visiting Scholar, was awarded his PhD in October 2011 from the University of Hamburg, where the last chair officially dedicated to history of economic thought in Germany is located. His dissertation, “Neoliberal Ideas on the State: The Role of Government in Economic Policy in the Oeuvre of Walter Eucken, Friedrich August von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Wilhelm Röpke,” contains three comparative studies of the political economy of neoliberalism, focusing his attention on the role of government in German ordoliberalism and the Austrian School. In his work he formulates four abstract pictures of the authors’ notion of government embedded in the respective theory of order, subsequently showing how these abstract “leitmotifs” translate into concrete proposals for economic policy and how the variety of recommended policy options evolves over time.