Book Series

History of Political Economy Conference Series
Published by Duke University Press as hardbound conference volumes and annual supplements to the History of Political Economy, these volumes have since 1989 served as the proceedings of the important HOPE Conferences.  Each volume is edited by the conference organizers, who are drawn from members of the HOPE group and notable historians of economics from around the world.

Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics
Published by Cambridge University Press and edited by Craufurd Goodwin, the series comprises books by distinguished historians of economics.

Science and Cultural Theory

Published by Duke University Press and co-edited by E. Roy Weintraub, the series comprises books in science studies and the history of science, including the history of economics.

The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek
Published by the University of Chicago Press and Routledge, and co-edited by Bruce Caldwell, the series comprises definitive editions of the essential writings of the Nobel laureate and social theorist Friedrich A. Hayek.