Yann Giraud Promoted to Full Professor

Yann Giraud, a 2008–9 HOPE Center fellow and frequent contributor to HOPE, has accepted a full professorship with the modern languages and international studies department at Cergy Paris Université (formerly the University of Cergy Pontoise).

Cergy Paris Université is a cultural, scientific, and vocational establishment whose faculties include major disciplines such as law, economics and management, and science and technology, along with modern languages and international studies.

The program at Cergy Paris Université is in many ways unique--perhaps akin to an area studies program in the United States. As Yann explains, one of his courses examines the modern city, offering a multidisciplinary perspective on the political and social issues affecting cities. "Architecture, city planning, the place of women in the city, how neoliberal politics has affected cities, how some cities have been built from scratch—any and all of those subjects find a way into my lectures," Yann says. 

Congratulations, Yann, on this new and exciting position!