CHOPE Fellow 2018 Sarvnaz Lotfi

Sarv Lofti is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Science, Technology and Society at Virginia Tech. As a Fellow at the Center for the History of Political economy, Sarv has been working to flesh out her dissertation an (experimental, pragmatic) genealogy of twentieth-century research and development (R&D) in America. “My genealogy,” she explains, “primarily includes histories of economics and accounting practice, but is also extended to address relevant histories of tax policy reformers, other regulators, and research administrators or managers.” Sarv’s work integrates diverse disciplinary approaches and she was initially attracted to the Center because it welcomed a broad range of perspectives and research problems.

At the Center, Sarv has found a rare community of scholars: “Since my arrival, I have observed how, no matter one's social, political, or intellectual background, everyone's contributions are taken seriously. Here, we are all learners, we are all collaborators, and we are better for it. The atmosphere of the Center fosters the creativity and rigor that, in my humble view, struggles to express itself in more insulated communities.”