2017 HOPE Conference: Papers

Click here to access the conference papers. You will need to enter a username and password to access the papers; you should have already been provided with those credentials.

Papers are due no later than March 26, 2017.

A subset of conference papers will be published, after refereeing, in a special issue of History of Political Economy in 2018. Be advised that since the papers are slotted for a particular issue, the deadlines for revising and refereeing papers will be tighter than usual, as we need to go from the conference drafts of the papers to the final versions in around six months. There is a strict limit on the number of pages in the special issue, which means that there will be a strict word limit for individual papers. The final limit depends on the number of papers that make it through refereeing but is unlikely to be more than 10,000 words, including footnotes, reference lists, tables, and figures. (Though we may use outsiders as well, please be warned that we are likely to ask you to assist in refereeing the papers). Please bear all these things in mind while writing your paper for the conference.