Duke and HOPE Center Scholars Honored at 2016 History of Economics Conference

The 2016 History of Economics Society conference was held at Duke University from June 17 to June 20. Over two hundred historians of economics from around the world attended sixty concurrent sessions and four plenary sessions.

Several Duke and HOPE Center scholars received prizes and honors at the conference:

:: Neil De Marchi (at left) was named a Distinguished Fellow of the society for his lifetime scholarly achievements.

:: E. Roy Weintraub, along with his coauthor Till Dueppe, received the Joseph J. Spengler Best Book Prize for Finding Equilibrium: Arrow, Debreu, McKenzie, and the Problem of Scientific Credit (Princeton University Press, 2014).

:: Bruce Caldwell, the director of the HOPE Center, along with his coauthor Leonidas Montes, who was a fellow of the HOPE Center in 2013-14, received the prize for Best Article in a History of Economics Journal. Their article, titled "Friedrich Hayek and His Visits to Chile," was published in 2015 in the Review of Austrian Economics.

:: Gerardo Serra, a 2013-14 HOPE Center fellow, won the Joseph Dorfman Best Dissertation Prize for "From Scattered Data to Ideological Education: Economics, Statistics, and the State in Ghana, 1948-1966," completed at the London School of Economics in 2015.

In addition, Craufurd Goodwin gave a plenary session on the treatment of consumer preferences by late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century economists. His remarks drew from a longer treatment of the subject that will appear later this year in a special issue of History of Political Economy on economics and psychology.

The principal organizer of the conference was Mauro Boianovsky, who is spending the 2015-16 year as a fellow of the HOPE Center.

The 2017 History of Economics Society conference will be held in Toronto.