2015 HOPE Conference: Economics and Psychology

The 2015 HOPE Conference, tentatively titled "Economizing Mind, 1870-2015: When Economics and Psychology Met . . . or Didn't," proceeds from the notion that economics is all about mind and states of mind. That notion has been espoused by many, not least Thomas Schelling.

The conference, which is open to invited scholars and guests only, will take place April 24-25 at Duke University.

The conference organizers are Neil De Marchi and Marina Bianchi. Papers in preparation, with titles still evolving, are as follows:

:: Harro Maas, "George Eliot and Jevons: Their Different Uses of Alexander Bain's Emotions and the Will
:: Simon Cook, "Marshall's Psychology and Economics in Relation to Other Moral Sciences Also Founded on Psychology, with Special Focus on Rivers"
:: Craufurd Goodwin, "The Dog That Didn't Bark: Modern Economics Meets Psychology; A Survey of the Economics Journal Literature, 1890-1940"
:: Ivan Moscati, "Measurement Issues in Empirical Psychology and Utility Theory, 1950-1970"
:: Catherine Herfeld, "Jacob Marschak at the Center for Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences, 1952-1967"
:: Judy Klein, "The Engineering of Operational Rationality at the Rand Logistic Systems Laboratory, 1956-1966"
:: José Edwards, "Select Pieces of the History of Behaviorism in Psychology, 1910-1970: The Distinction between 'Control and Predict' and Simply 'Observing Behavior'"
:: Neil De Marchi, "Reinserting Psychology into Development Thinking: The Abortive Efforts of Albert Hirschman"
:: Marina Bianchi, "Preference Formation and the Recent Psychology of Aesthetics"
:: Andrej Svorencik, "The Behaviorist Psychology Tradition in Experimental Economics"
:: Floris Heukelom, "What's Wrong with Behavioral Economics? An Overview of Acutal vs. Potential Counterarguments"

As the date of the conference approaches, a complete website with more information will be available.