2015 Summer Institute

The 2015 Duke Summer Institute, "Topics in the History of Economics," took place on the campus of Duke University from May 31 – June 12, 2015. 

An award-winning cast of distinguished scholars (please consult the faculty bio section for evidence for this claim!)  lectured and lead discussions on their areas of expertise. Topics included a history of the concept of market failure, an examination of the Chicago School of economics from a variety of quite different perspectives, a history of macroeconomics, and an exploration of the contributions of two major figures in 20th century economics, Paul Samuelson and Friedrich Hayek.

Roger Backhouse (University of Birmingham)

Bruce Caldwell (Duke University)

Kevin Hoover (Duke University)

Steve Medema (University of Colorado, Denver)

Eddie Nik-Khah (Roanoke College)

A detailed program for the two-week Summer Institute is available under "Program."